How to Get Prospects Eager to Buy from You?

Finding and acquiring prospects is one of the major challenges my existing clients were having. This is in fact, the challenge faced by every marketer who wants to get closer to their prospects and build a successful client-focused business. Most of the times, it’s not because of the lack of efforts, but rather a lack of knowledge of how to use and implement any plan correctly. And yet, there is another big challenge that comes up when looking up “how to get prospects eager to buy from you.” You may easily get intimidated when you see the prospects dragging their feet and you completely failed to earn their trust.

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1. Incite scarcity or urgency in a prospect

It is a great trick to create urgency in a prospect in an unexpected way. You just need to identify the goals and pain points of your prospect. This will let them better explore the negative consequences of inaction and why moving forward now is critical. You’ve to show them that you’re running out of inventory and how they are losing a good opportunity.

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It is no doubt that this idea can be highly effective, but it doesn’t help your prospect recognize the importance of choosing your specific product or service. So there is strong possibility that your prospect will choose your competitor or solve the issue in-house. Hence, if you want to get prospects eager to buy from you, you’ve to help them make purchase decisions faster. You need to show them how your product or service will help them take full advantage, while a rejection will result in an undesirable future.

2. Be proactive in your approach

proactive approach







Sometimes, the length, complexity and the scope of buying process can be inconvenient for your prospects. Thus, put prospects at ease and develop momentum by making everything seamless and manageable. Be simple, clear and precise to make your prospect more comfortable in making a buying decision. For example, it is wrong to tell your prospect to contact you if in case he is interested to know more about your product or service. Instead, provide them with suggestions on how you can plan a strategy at a time that is convenient for them. It’s always better to be proactive than reactive.

3. Present only limited amount of information

It is not a good idea to present your prospects with tons of information at once. Because your prospect will not fully appreciate the benefits of your product or service if they do not get the sufficient time to understand what the product is all about. Your message will lose its impact when it’s all presented at once and your prospect might slow down the buying process while he sorts through the flood of facts you told him. So your focus should be quality, rather than quantity. For instance, rather than presenting several case studies, you should look for the case study featuring the project’s situation most similar to the specific prospect.

This conciseness also applies to emails. Always prepare short and concise messages so as to receive the quick response from your prospect. Or else, your prospect will postpone replying to your message until they have got more time to read it.

4. Build trust in your prospect

If your prospects trust you, they will buy from you. So in order to get prospects eager to buy from you, you need to establish a personal relationship with them and show them they can trust you. Make them realize that they are dealing with an expert. And this is only possible if you have the highest amount of information that can give you a definite edge over your competition. Show your prospect that you genuinely care about their challenges. You also have some great valuable business intelligence or thoughts that can help them overcome that challenge. Sharing a success story from a similar company could also be a good idea.

By showing genuine interest in your prospect’s business, putting their needs first and proving your worth, you’ll be able to build a strong relationship and can actually help you win the trust of your prospect.

5. Leverage the uniqueness factor

Setting yourself apart from the other is always a key to success. Therefore, do not try to get known for everything, instead, try to stand for something specific in front of your prospects. Let’s take an example of my recently launched software, Konneto. It is simple yet effective lead management software and this is what I am using as its USP. As Konneto simplifies the lead tracking in the most effective and hassle free way, it has emerged as one of the fastest growing lead capturing and management platform. Thus, the unique factor- ‘simple yet effective’ made Konneto the first choice among business owners to take control of their incoming leads and land them more leads.

KonnetoTherefore, the biggest advantage of using Konneto is its simplicity. And this is what makes it stand out from the competition. So, by making a stand and choosing something that makes your product or business unique, you’ve the opportunity to get recognized for that unique proposition. This as a result will help you get prospects eager to buy from you.

6. Create a strong brand identity that makes you look bigger

Your brand or identity communicates your business personality and shapes the perceptions of your prospects. So it should project the expectations you extend to your prospects in terms of services, quality and reliability. If you have a professional identity which is consistent and is easily reflected in your business cards, social media profiles, website, etc., then your prospects are more likely to do business with you. Like I can give you one example of my client Green Lotus, which has set a new benchmark in providing green housing options in the Tricity region. They came up with a unique initiative #unitedforgreen and are genuinely supporting the cause so as to promote environmental awareness. This campaign is seeing a great response across all platforms- be it online or offline.get prospects eager to buy - UFG Likes

Till now,  United for Green on Facebook has received approx 4,560 likes. This is how Green Lotus symbolizes the trust and commitment that comes with glorious decades of brand success.  Apart from this initiative, it has a separate page on Facebook with more than 64K likes. This shows how being different, thinking for a  sensitive cause helps in building a brand identity that makes you stand apart from the rest.

7. Reach out with direct response marketing

Creating messages targeting your potential prospect could be the best bet for reaching out to them. This will encourage them to complete a specific action. So, know everything about direct response marketing methods if you want to focus more on results that matter. Below is a screenshot of a Facebook ad for one of our clients, Desi Cooks. This enticing ad shows how direct response marketing can help you fetch potential prospects and win more sales.

DesicookSuch kind of compelling messages can help your ideal prospects understand why they would have to be a fool not to work with you. Furthermore, you can also create ads that offer something valuable and can easily get prospects eager to buy from you.

8. Follow up

Traditional selling is always focused on silly little close tactics that are based on pressure. So never use this approach and irritate your prospects. Try to become a welcome guest by sending your prospects a continuous stream of value until they are ready to buy.

This could be in the form of articles, tutorials, case studies or even something that’s related to their area of interest. This helps in building trust and goodwill while positioning you as an expert and educator rather than a marketer.

It could be a really effective way to get prospects eager to buy from you. The noteworthy point here is that you not only convert the prospect into a customer, but also build a solid relationship with them based on value and trust. This makes you the logical choice when it comes time for them to make a similar purchase.

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It is the most ethical and painless way of selling, as it basically involves trust and an exchange of value.

Always ensure that your marketing efforts are designed to make your prospects feel safe and delivers a remarkable experience for them. This will definitely put you in a position to press your prospects’ buy buttons. Moreover, if you use figures, numbers and percentages, you can turn a good tale into the capture and ultimately get prospects eager to buy from you.


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