7 Top Marketing Strategies to Attract the Prospects Who can Afford You

get high end clients

Marketing is a struggle. You just can’t get high end clients or prospects who can afford you and so many of your efforts seem to fail. And what I think is, you wouldn’t be out there if you are not selective in your approach. In fact, you have limited time and resources so you can’t afford to pursue everything that follows. This is why it makes sense to target the biggest game- “the clients who have more to spend and can actually understand your worth.” Be it any kind of business, no one like to hear the statement- “Sorry, I just can’t afford it.” What insists me to say that? You may not know what your subconscious mind is saying. But it is guaranteed that if you do not have high end clients, then you are being held back on a subconscious level by self-limiting beliefs.

These common self-limiting beliefs can be like: It’s not safe to be too visible. I don’t have what it takes. I can’t afford to take that risk, etc. So, the most important point in approaching high end clients is to identify and break down those self limiting beliefs that are holding you back. To attract premium clients you need to develop a premium mindset. And that premium mindset comes with a focus on building yourself up and the confidence that you will overcome any risks with great success. That is why creating a premium mindset comes before anything else.

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1. Identify your Market

This point is the key to get high end clients and most of us do the exact opposite of this, i.e. “identify the target market.” which in context to this post relates to the prospects who can actually afford to pay you for your services. Rather than putting our initial focus on the prospects who are going to be investing big time with us, we come up with the products and services first.

If you are also losing the proposition by adopting the similar kind of strategy, you need to start with the market first. Look for the desired folks who have the means to pay for what you offer. Create a dream or an outcome your most affluent prospects covet or they are already looking for. Instead of offering them with something on our own, try to figure out a way to make them like it.

2. Stay Clear and Focused

The more clear and focused you are about who your potential clients or prospects are, the more of them will show up, which as a consequence will lend you more money. In simple words, more clarity is directly proportional to more cash. Because if you’re a steer clear who is a perfect fit, you instantly recognize them when they are around you. Try to figure out which sub-niche group within the industries you can target that have lots of disposable income. To make it simple, just remember to follow these tips that can play an effective role to help you get high end clients:

  • Focus on professions and industries which feature large concentrations of affluent clients with lots of spendable income. Because they are the ones who are starving for the kinds of outcomes and results you deliver.
  • Is there any specific problem that the specific segment is desperate to solve? Show your unique expertise that can help solve that problem.
  • In order to get high end clients, you need to identify the ways to get in front of them and see what groups do they attend. This way you can tweak your offer so that it gets in the front of what they are already looking for.

Know your core competencies to have a clear idea of what you are good at and continually work to build and reinforce them. Sometimes switching efforts away from the areas where you were weak and focusing on areas of strength can help you grow very fast. But, remember that just to get high end clients you cannot commit to providing the services which hardly contributes to your core competencies. Because the services you cannot provide on your own or later have to outsource can put you in big difficulties. So only develop the core competencies which can help you deliver the perfect sales pitch.

3. Never Tell the Price at the Forefront

How much will you charge? It’s the most common question asked by every potential customer. So you should know how to answer this question in a way that puts you at an advantage. The point when a new prospect called in, the dreaded question comes and it happens this way every time. If you’re a marketing expert or consultant, telling the price at the forefront is like pulling a number from thin air. There is so much to know before you can give anything close to a reasonable quote. Even if you’ve standard price rates, you still can’t predict which one is the right for your prospect. Hence, giving a price quote could easily drive them away in case the quote is too high or cost you a big loss if the quote is too low.

Thereby, you need to know how to confidently answer when you get the price question. At first, say thanks to the customer to tell that you respect them and their situation. The next step is to ask them a few questions. You should have two goals when asking any specific questions. One is to get enough information to give an appropriate price quote. While the second one is to get the prospect start telling about their needs instead of the financial woes. Just be friendly, ask the follow-up questions and continue the conversation. Tell the prospect that you’ll get back to them within a short time with a specific proposal. In this proposal, prepare and present a persuasive cost depending on your business model. Rather than just giving them a number, frame your quote inside as either an investment or a value far beyond the price.

4. Build a Top Quality Brand

It is always the quality of work that speaks and not the quantity. And this is what that will get high end clients as well. Your prospects pay a small attention to the details they notice. Things like a well designed website, quality photos and even the marketing collaterals are all very important details. With a solid reputation, it becomes easy to establish a top brand that is reliable and worthy of respect.

  • If you want those potential business connections and prospects come to you, develop an impressive profile for them to peruse. This will help them search for your name in advance of meetings.
  • Your brand is the reflection of who you are, what your passion or interest is and what you can do well.
  • A quality brand gives you the ability to build a professional network. This will further help you establish trust and authority in your field.
  • Share what you know through different sources and appear as a thought leader in your niche.

5. Develop a Strong Lead Generation Funnel

The powerful, authority-based lead flows are the best way to fuel high ticket sales. These authority based lead flows come from the sources where you showcase your expertise in a certain area. These sources can be blogs, social media profiles, newsletters, infographics, eBooks, etc. Never forget that high end prospect or customer is looking for quick tricks or fixes. They just need quality. They just want you to serve them and make them feel they are special for you. Ensure that you are being yourself with your prospects and pushing all the limits to make your authentic personality shine. The overly professional etiquette is out of style, so it won’t work now. As a prospect like to buy from real people, you need to show your brilliant self. This would help you offer your customer with what they want most.

In short, build a dynamic, educational sales funnel. This strategy will help you earn a steady stream of quality clients and not the flood of wrong ones.

6. Position yourself with Past Achievements

Yes, this is true. Modesty is not allowed in the world of positioning. Even the thought leaders who are perceived to be humble somehow find a way out to boast about their biggest successes. Excellence attracts itself. Thus, find a way to get your achievements and utilize them. Try to relate it directly to the results your high end prospects are looking for. Examples of such achievements may include:

  • Getting a killer testimonial from someone who is well known to your prospect.
  • Creating something commendable in your life or your business that gives instant credibility.
  • Just for an example, I usually showcase my skills and expertise with lines such as I am a Microsoft Certified SharePoint Server developer, a Brainbench Certified C# developer and Google AdWords Certified. to read more click here.
  • Is your business ever featured in any magazine? Like my digital marketing company named AbeerTech Pvt. Ltd. got featured in the SiliconIndia magazine as the best 50 startups to work for 2017.

get high end clients
To get high end clients, such kind of achievements can prove to be a beneficial source to trumpet your roaring success. And there is always a language of achievement behind presenting you as talented as hell.

7. Just Start: To Make it all Possible

Of course, there is a lot of improvisation involved in the whole process. But, if you want to get high end clients you have to learn how to do it, you have to jump right into the middle of it. Just stick with it and you’ll definitely end up with something that works. Thus, seeing what works and what doesn’t can only help you target the most powerful avenues. This is important so as to get high end clients as well as the success at a rapid pace.

In a nutshell, if you want money, just start right now. With people who already have it. Who value the results you create. After that, work backward to craft offers that deliver those results. Ensure that you act together before you leap. As a high end client can be very quick to sense when you don’t know what you are talking about. So it is best to hone your skills before you start auditioning for the big parts.

“Don’t decide what you want to offer first and then putting efforts to get wealthy prospect to buy it, instead find out what kind of prospects already need it and get in front of them.”

Polish your talents and strengths and do it over and over and only when you have got that working, add more. All it takes is work, focus and persistence. But in the end, you’ll realize that its way worth it.

Are you ready to dominate your sales?

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