How To Make Easy Money With Google AdSense?

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Can you earn money sitting idle? Well, not exactly – but quite close! Google AdSense has become a most popular and convenient way to earn easy money online. The amazing fact is that there are countless users who are making a living out of income from AdSense.

Google AdSense is a free service program that allows you to run ads on content rich platforms like your website, blog, YouTube videos and get paid when users click on them.

Overview of Google AdSense

Most of you are likely aware of the Google AdSense but for the sake of newbies knowledge, here’s is a quick turnaround on Google AdSense:


  • Owned and operated by Google
  • Free service for publishers
  • Advertisers or publishers can use it to advertise their products or service on websites.
  • Apart from content websites, it is also available for games, videos, YouTube, mobile searches and other products.
  • Auction based system to calculate who has the highest bid and best quality ad.
  • Easy to run ads on different websites through one AdSense account.
  • AdSense is a revenue share from AdWords ads. As when someone clicks, you get roughly 68% of the total and Google receives the rest.

The reason behind the unprecedented popularity of Google AdSense is its ease of use. Just after the initial configuration, all you need to do is copy some code into your site to display the ads, and earn money when somebody clicks an ad on your page. Before we dive into the topic on how to make easy money with Google AdSense, let’s know about the various kinds of AdSense ads:

Kind of AdSense ads

Google allows you to place and run a variety of ads like:

Text ads

It uses words in the form of the ad unit, which includes one offer, or a Link Unit with a list of offers. It comes in different sizes with an option to customize the color of the box, link, and text.

Image ads

These ads are available in a range of dimensions. Through a mixture of image and text ads, you can gain maximum control and customization.

Flash ads

From January 2, 2017, Google has stopped serving display ads in the flash format. So if you used flash in your ads, you need to upgrade them to HTML5.

HTML5 ads

HTML5 is a very useful tool for rich media creatives as unlike flash, it allows to run uninterrupted ads on any device such as mobiles, desktops, and tablets. Rendering is also done by the browser so you don’t even need to install third party plugins.

Video ads

These ads belong to the group of interactive or rich media ads. Video ads also work in a similar way that your regular ads work. It is a great way to maximize visitors stay on your site and then earn money with their clicks.

Audio ads

These ads help to combine the precision of audience targeting and emotional connection to audio messages. It facilitates advertisers to communicate through voice and music.

Predictable Earnings from Google AdSense

This is the common question among newbies that how much they can earn from AdSense. However, it is noteworthy that it’s not possible to exactly calculate your future AdSense earnings, as you cannot predict how much you will earn per click. But AdSense offers a peace of mind by acting as a saving account where you are paid mostly on a fixed interest rate.

Generally, the amount you receive per click depends on how much advertisers are paying for a specific ad. This may be anywhere from 3 cents to $ 16 per click. It’s just a rough calculation as it would be impossible for me or any AdSense publisher to tell about the average income you can possibly earn with because different ads have different cost prices and we don’t know what advertisers are paying.

If we get into the basics of AdSense, it works on the concept of AdWords, in which advertisers bid on keywords, and after that ads are shown on third party websites.

All of that aside, AdSense earnings are dependent on a range of factors. Given below are few of the common factors which can help you make easy money with Google AdSense.

Factors to Make Easy Money From Google AdSense

Create Your Web Property

You need to have a web property before applying for an AdSense account. Be it a blog, website, YouTube, or anything that is permitted by Google. Prior to that, ensure you have a topic that you feel you know enough about. The more content you’ve, the more chances you’ve to get the approval into the program. Moreover, the more content and traffic, the higher the amount you can earn.

Get a Domain Name

A domain name like if you want to build a website and if you wish to go easy with a blog. Take care of the design and niche while creating a page or a post. Create and add pages for contact & about as it impacts your visibility on search engines.

Use WordPress

I highly recommend using WordPress to create your website it is envisaged as the most respected blogging platform of all time. The WordPress makes it simpler for beginners to get started because they just need to choose a theme and your blog or site is up and running.

How To Apply For Adsense?

Once you’ve your own web property, you can apply for Google AdSense account at It demands commitment and patience to get your account approved by working seriously on your web property. The good part is, you will get paid for your commitment over the time which is why it is easy to make money with Google AdSense

Usually, it takes up to 7 days to get your account approved but when you are accepted, your next step should be to increase your revenue.

For that, you need to copy and paste the given HTML code on any page that you’d desire to show your ads. You can choose from, display text ads, image ads, or a blend of both.

Tips For Making Money With Google Adsense

It requires planning to make a significant amount of money with AdSense. Here are some Tips to increase your AdSense revenue:

Build Quality Traffic

Google AdSense is any easy way to earn money provided you’ve enough traffic coming to your site. So for the website that have less than 400-500 unique visits per day, it is best not to run AdSense on their websites.

Ads Placement

It is quite tricky to place ads, but if you place your ads with strategy and cleverness, you can actually maximize your AdSense income. It is of utmost importance that your ad should never annoy your readers. Think of following points before placing your advertisement:

  • Ad placement at header of the article gives better AdSense CTR.
  • If you think revenue is more important than content than you can put ads in between the content.
  • Google search for your site is also the best way to get more revenue. Thus placing Google search unit at the right place where visibility is maximum would be appropriate.
  • You can also post ads above the post, sidebar banner and sidebar video unit for better CTR.

Follow AdSense Policies

Read and adhere to Google guidelines and make sure that the content you provide strictly comply with AdSense content policies. As AdSense shares 1/4 of the Google’s revenue so they take everything seriously. Therefore, don’t ever try to trick the system or else you would be losing your account.

Alternatives to Google AdSense

Besides AdSense, many other similar ad networks that you can try includes,, Infolinks, Clicksor and Chitika.

You should not rely solely on AdSense as your main source income. Discover some real examples of people who work online. AdSense may seem appealing to everyone’s eyes, but you should diversify into other income sources as well.

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