Why you should only work with Google Badged Agency for your Digital Marketing needs?

Google badged partner

Google is the only search engine many look to their needs and of course, it’s search capabilities are second to none. Also, considering the fact that more than 91% of the Internet users are on Google’s network, it becomes imperative to utilize this platform. And no wonder Google Ad campaigns are the integral element of a digital marketing campaign for a business owner looking to generate more revenue or qualified leads online. But, managing Google AdWords is no small task. From choosing the right keywords and constant tracking to optimizing your ads and outbidding the competition, Google AdWords involves a lot and takes quite a bit of time and labor. And as business owners can only divide their time so much, it is simply wise to consider letting a Google badged partner that has real experience managing AdWords campaigns and can deliver revenue growth on your investment.

With that said, here are the most common reasons to work with a Google badged partner or agency:

Trusted by Google- Guaranteed highest level of service at all times

Google doesn’t just provide the Google partner badge to anyone. For achieving Google partner status, a company or advertiser has to meet higher spending and performance requirements. These requirements include, demonstrated AdWords skills and expertise, client revenue growth and adequate education in the field. There is a lot of pressure on a Google partner. They need to constantly monitor and manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns to deliver great results. A Google partner who fails to maintain these requirements and standards set by Google can have their badge removed.

Innovative Beta Features- Early and exclusive access well before the competition

It is hard to master AdWords because of the dozen of changes it sees every year. But, working with a Google partner ensures that you have a one-up on your competition. Because, Google partner has an early access to beta features. These features aren’t even in the reach of those without a Google partner badge. This means whenever Google comes up with a new feature or tool, its partners can opt into beta testing. The time period can range from several months to a year before the general public have an access to them. This gives badge holders an insider access to features that help boost conversions and improve your campaign performance as well.

ROI Growth- Increased leads with positive return on your campaigns

Without the help of a Google partner, you may be wasting your valuable resources and a large percentage of the budget in managing AdWords campaigns. Google partners don’t only maintain yearly certifications, but also meet the minimum spend requirements. They can give you a leap and AdWords effectiveness that converts at a higher rate, which means their campaigns are more likely to make money for your business.

Certified Professionals- Real experts with extensive experience

When you’re working with a Google Partner, you have the assurance to work with a team of people who remains up to speed with their Google certifications. Yes, it is mandatory on an ongoing basis. Each year, these Certified Google partners pass the necessary tests to maintain the certifications in their area of specialization. They are experts. The real experts who have an extensive knowledge in the AdWords features. And they also know how to use them for the best profit earning benefits of the client.

Latest PPC Practices- Campaigns stay up-to-date

The team members of a Google partner company keep up with the AdWords innovations and current certifications. Hence, they go through various tests in AdWords Fundamentals, Search, Display, Shopping, Video, and Mobile. So, whether there are any major or minor tweaks in the working of AdWords, a Google badged partner in Chandigarh will be one-up the competition to ride that wave. On the top of that, Google partners have the privilege to attend web seminars and free training sessions as well. This is to ensure that they further cultivate their expertise and specializations.

Bypass Long Wait Times- Resolve urgent issues immediately

Be it an urgent issue or your AdWords campaigns are shut down due to a malware, Google partner companies have an inside track to connect with Google. They have access to contact best Google representatives almost instantly when an issue occurs with a client’s account. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a Google badged agency, you’ll continue losing money. Because only a Google partner can correct the issue and reactivate your campaign. Or else, you could be stuck waiting for days or weeks. Whereas with a Google team working alongside, your account will be treated as a functioning client. But, not as a number.

A side Note on Google Badged Partner Agency

When you work with a Google badged agency, you’ll be always  presumed as if it’s the company’s own advertising. This means you’re going to have a high-quality campaign ran on your behalf. While, it also costs less to hire a Google badged partner than to run an AdWords by itself.

So, what are you waiting for now? Just check Google Partner Agency in your area and feel the difference.

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