Easy ways to Increase Facebook Post’s Likes and Shares

facebook post likes & shares

Getting Search Engine Traffic is always a challenge for Digital Marketers but When it comes to Social Media the battle became more challenging. Digital Marketers are more serious in promoting brands on Facebook because Its easy to target specific audience on facebook and sometimes its even easier than search engines. But Building Facebook profile is not enough. You need traffic and not to mention audience engagement too. More likes means more people are showing interest in your product or services. But question is how to increase your facebook post likes?

I am sharing some quick tips which i often use to get likes on facebook posts. Posts can be Image, Text, Video or Link to some article, I am not going to cover kind of contents you post on facebook, but yes i might write a separate post on creating appealing posts that can get you attention, but Later! Here i will try to focus only on getting likes and engagement on your facebook post.

Organic Ways to Get Facebook Likes

You Created a wonderful post, May be with a appealing Image or a eye catchy video and you did manage to get some likes and views. But what about getting some extra likes on your facebook post without spending even a sigle penny? Interested? Cool here is how you can do it organically

Strike during peak sharing time

You took a brilliant picture and you posted instantly on your facebook page and did get some likes, but there are many others who are posting on same time and your post on your friends facebook feed will soon will go down and new posts will appear on top and by the time your friend see his feed there is high probability that he might miss your post. Psst! you lost crucial like. So how to get maximum attention? Simple! You just need to position your post on right time, According to Facebook user-engagement research publishing your posts between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. shall get you more likes and shares because majority of your fans are not at work.

Create a post and Tag Friends in Posts

One of the most popular features on Facebook is tagging, which gives you the ability to identify and reference people in photos, videos and notes. So don’t forget to tag your facebook friends, Even make a list of important people who further have good fan following and don’t forget to tag them on right time.

Include a Call to Action

The Call-To-Action is the Most Important Element of your Facebook. Your posts need to convince people to take an action – click on it. One way to think of your post is acting like a motivational speaker. People always have different perception on how they concieve the things so you need to tell them what they need to do when they see your post.

Spread and Share

Not everyone is going online when you need them the most, but they might be on other platforms like Chat apps like whatsapp or Facebook messenger, wechat etc, So simply copy your post URL and share with them on their Chat Apps, Even you can send URL in SMS and invite them to like and share your posts.

Expand your reach with Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are best way to share your message with an audience of defined neiche, There are so many groups on facebook with thousands of group members, All you need to find the Groups which share your Interests and join them, Once part of gorup or community you can share your post and increase your visibility of post at various places.

Don’t Limit yourself

Do not limit yourself to facebook to get audience to like or share your post, you can use other medium as well. you can write a short blog on wordpress or blogpost with your page and post details to get attention. use cross platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn,Google+ and Twitter etc, You can even email your post as a newsletter to get even more engagement.

Beyond Organic Reach- Paid Campaigns

So far we discussed organic ways to get likes and share on your facebook posts but if you want instant results and want to reach audience beyond your friends circle then you always have choice of creating paid ad campaigns to boost your facebook post with defined budget. You will have flexibility to select who sees your post and in which geographical region. You can even select your audience who you think is most suited target for your post or Ad.

I have seen great results with these tips and tricks and i am sure it will help you too, Let me know if i missed anything which you think can also help in getting more likes and shares. Feel free to contact me for any of your query!

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