Do not Rebrand if you see these Signs in your Company


Your brand has to adapt and grow along with your business and hence it will be changing often in very small ways. In my previous post, we looked at the 7 signs when you need to re-brand, which can include some major changes. You are likely to have numerous reasons to rebrand your company but any reason for the change isn’t always enough to guarantee to change every aspect of your brand. Because, this will not only affect how customers see your company, good or bad but will demand your time and money as well. So, how do you know when you need to rebrand and when to stay put.

Limited budget

budget - rebrandAlways remember that when you rebrand, there is a need to formalize new messaging for your brochures, business cards and signage. So, you should figure out the cost of rebranding first and after that, if you feel you have a limited budget, do not rebrand. Or else, you might dilute or disillusion your b rand reputation.


Strong brand identity

Strong brand identity

If your company has a strong brand recognition or people are already familiar with the name, logo and core equities of your brand, then there is no need change and if you do, you risk breaking an emotional attachment with customers and hurting your brand bottom line. So, you need to be careful with how you deal with that.

Doing just for the sake of doing it

Doing just for the sake of doing it

Rebranding can be expensive and time-consuming, so rebranding your company just because you’re sick with it is a big no. Obviously, if everything is working smoothly and there are no bigger changes, it will soon appear as superficial and down-right shallow. And if still, you decide to change your brand under the pretense to make a change, then you shouldn’t rebrand.

Consultant opinion

consultant opinionThere is no wonder why companies hire brand consultants, but if everything is going right or nothing is changing and you are still choosing to rebrand just because your consultant wants to do his cost justification, then you cannot afford to rebrand.

Adding or removing new process

processRebranding doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years to build a solid brand. Thus, as longs as your company vision, mission, business model and products haven’t changed, there is probably no need to rebrand. Also, in case you are just introducing or removing some processes from your business and even if you’ve new management along with the process, you don’t need to go through a headache for no reason.

Bottom line to Rebrand

Rebranding is something that can cause a lot of disruption to your company. You should not do it unless you absolutely have to. And if it does need to happen, you need to initiate the right way because you cannot afford to get this wrong.

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