Top 7 Digital Marketing Ideas for Brand Promotion

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Digital marketing help brands to be in the limelight of relevant conversations, as and when they’re happening. If you also have a brand that is trying to get noticed by its audience, then a great place to start is by looking big brands at the forefront of the digital marketing world. Next step is to analyze how they’re doing brand promotion right and what worked for them.

For instance, Nike- one of the big brands with a strong digital presence which does not only own 48% of American athletic footwear market. But, also shares a staggering share of 96% in the basketball footwear market. Nike heavily focuses on digital marketing for brand promotion and it always stays ahead of its competitors when it comes to social media engagement. With the comprehensive mix of #hashtags like #justdoit, community building themes, amazing content, fun loving ads, etc. The digital strategy of this brand is nothing short of tremendous. Another great example is Amazon, which spends over $150 million on advertising and marketing campaigns each year to achieve higher SEMrush rankings. This is why this company is able to scour more than $71 billion in online sales, which is more than any other e-commerce companies.

So, what kind of digital marketing ideas for brand promotion is used by these big brands to achieve and maintain a high level of market dominance? They have implemented a dynamic digital marketing strategy that not only increases company ROI but added value to customers as well. This article will cover top 7 digital marketing ideas for brand promotion that some top brands are already using to engage with their audience.

Before we start. You should first understand when it comes to your brand, how different digital marketing strategies could impact your goal of raising brand awareness and generating sales. While video could help you analyze how your product works in everyday life. The written content could supplement the video creating opportunities for SEO, SMM and content marketing. Whereas social media could boost these other tactics to help increase interest and conversion.

Website and User Experience

A website is a tool that integrates name, positioning statement, meaning, style and logo. It’s an important part of branding platform and it’s an extension of branding in the way you style and sell your products on site. Your website is the cornerstone of your brand and marketing. It is the place where your prospects will make the decision to communicate with your brand further and take the next step in the marketing cycle to instantly buy a product. Your website should be smooth, quick and easy to use. It should look compelling with creative text, beautiful colors and amazing product pictures.

Moreover, your website should be mobile responsive. More and more people are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for every task that used to be reliable on the desktop. So, mobile is taking over the internet surfing. 60-80% of the website traffic is now accessed with mobile devices and this trend is certainly growing. Mobile responsive design is not just important in search benefits on Google. But has the ability to increase those coveted conversions rates from mobile users all over the world. In short, a well designed responsive web design will increase your brand perception. If you want an easy check to see if your website is mobile friendly, click here.

Social Media Promotion

Social media is a powerful tool which creates two-way communications between the fans and brands. As discussed above, Nike social media is anything and everything done right both from an audience viewpoint as well as with most engaging social content. Their social media campaigns with a hashtag #justdoit and other community building hashtags like #nikewomen became a viral hit in the past. Such kind of intriguing hashtags allows the audience to collaborate and easily share their favorite memories across social media.

Therefore, if you have a new product, create a branded hashtag to generate some pre-launch buzz and interest. But for this, you first have to find out where your audience is already hanging out. So that you can leverage that platform and engage them there. Moreover, don’t forget to nurture your leads. When advertising on social media, always try out new campaigns, find images with a consistent aesthetic. This will make your overall social campaign familiar and not repetitive to users who may come across more than one ad. Most importantly, image, CTA’s or link content should align with your branding. If you really want to leverage the power of social media, you must read our article on top social media trends of 2017.

Search Engine Optimization

Improving a site’s search visibility and building a stronger brand presence online both need two major processes: the techniques you implement on the site (On-page SEO) and the things you do outside of the site (Off-page SEO). When implemented in right way, more advanced aspects of SEO can blend cohesively with brand promotion. Gone are the days, when we heavily relied on the usage of generic keywords in optimizing our website’s content so that search engines can easily understand what they’re about. Now, with the continually evolving technologies behind search may seem to make the optimization process more difficult. In fact, it just rewards those who high-level 360-degree marketing efforts to stand out in search results.

With a right SEO brand strategy, you can be known far wide across the globe or tight local regions for the similar keywords.

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Content Marketing

In contrast to conventional forms of advertising whose sole motive is to grow sales, content marketing seeks to do much more than just to grow sales. It establishes a brand as authentic, trustworthy and relevant to the needs of the targeted market and builds authority in its niche. With successful content marketing, you can build the engagement and achieve your business goals at the same time. A video is the best medium to propel this new wave of humanized marketing. Your video should be simple, short and your message must be expressed in just a few seconds. Learn how you can promote your brand through YouTube Channel. And it can also help you earn a great amount of money.

Live video streaming is a great marketing tactic to focus on brand promotion in the online world. You can use live video streaming tools like Periscope and Meerkat to help you offer rich, tangible and highly informative content to your audience.


Remarketing is a great search advertising feature that allows the brand promotion to the visitors who have previously visited your website. Thus, showing them relevant ads or products as they visit other sites across Google Display Network. This increases the likelihood of these visitors converting into customers who might have abandoned your site without interacting or purchasing. This keeps your brand top of the mind. It gives you an opportunity to present a compelling offer or message to encourage them to return your website.

Remarketing significantly improves brand recognition, market buzz, brand awareness and lead generation. It can take your branding campaign to a whole new level with the increase in recall and interaction. Thus, Remarketing can prove to be one the effective digital marketing ideas for brand promotion.

Native Advertising

To put simply, native advertising is a paid content advertising including, articles, infographics, videos, etc that are inherently non-disruptive. This includes suggested posts on Facebook, promoted tweets on Twitter and editorial based recommendations from native ad networks like Revcontent, Outbrain and AdNow.

When other forms of traditional advertising methods fail, native advertising helps in generating brand loyalty and trust. It can attract 60% more attention as compared to classic banners.

Track Progress & Set up Conversion Funnel

As the digital marketing world is a very dynamic one where trends change in a matter of seconds. You need to track all your marketing campaigns regularly to analyze what works best. This will help you receive more insights on the online behavior of your visitors. Set up a well-optimized conversion funnel to track your conversions and find any loopholes. Not to mention, integrating Google Analytics into your website can greatly help you understand the visitor’s behavior and position your brand better online. Also, there are some tools that can help you effectively plan and manage your digital marketing campaign. Read more about Top 10 tools in 2017 for planning and managing an effective Digital Marketing Campaign

The way digital has played out has made evident that everything leads back to the brand and communicating a brand through digital marketing will always be a key.


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