You must read it if Leads from your Facebook Ad campaigns are not converting.

Your Facebook ads are receiving impressions and clicks, right? Conversions look good but, you’re not seeing the return you’re looking for. The truth is that you’re still losing money on your Facebook ad campaigns and no wonder you’re getting lead inquiries from the prospects that are falling through the cracks and are not yet ready to become your potential buyer.

Do you know when does it exactly happens? This scenario occurs when you hire freelancers or small digital marketing agencies with limited knowledge who are just unfocused to jump straight to serve Facebook ads to cold audiences leading to sky-high conversion costs. And, ultimately ending up with lukewarm leads that are not ready to buy.

You might be wondering, what mistakes do these so called freelancers or agencies make, when running your Facebook ad campaigns? In this post, you’ll discover why these people are failing to deliver you results and how with some helpful tips you can get your campaign on the track.

I’ve been running Facebook ad campaigns for businesses, especially industries that need longer conversion process like real estate projects, education provider, astrology and more. And I’ve successfully made Facebook lead ads that are irresistible enough to make potential prospects fall into the funnel of my clients. So, having analyzed the results of millions of ad impressions and millions of revenues generated for my clients, I am writing this post to help you get the leads that are highly converting.

Reaching the Right Audience at the Right Time

An effective campaign on Facebook begins with a right balance of two things; first is finding the right audience and second is connecting with right audience at the right time. This is important so as to get high-quality leads and make the campaign more efficient. So, both these things should be clearly set before the campaign starts.

However, most of the Facebook ad campaigns fail because of the poor targeting and not choosing the custom audience, thus leading to lower ROI. Unlike Google AdWords, the Facebook ad campaigns start with the selection of audience, and of course, the right audience as said earlier. You need to start broad and get narrow while choosing the right audience or else you fail right at the first step. Sometimes, when people narrow down their target audience, they only focus or see if their prospects fall into their specified demographic. But the fact is, demographics are not only everything and it is not only the data that matters. The campaign should also focus on customers interests to create the best ad that targets your ideal customers effectively.

You can also use the tool called Audience Insights to know more about your potential customers and create high-converting ads.

Capturing Customers Intent with Creatives

As per a study by Forrester Consulting and Adobe, 82% of the companies believe that there is a strong connection between creative designs and customers. As it’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words and they are often the most striking way to leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind due to the fact that they are so immediate. So, a creative that’s something just fine and just includes a direct, simple headline featuring a key phrase cannot work well on a big platform like Facebook.

Therefore, make sure you’re putting thought into your creatives by adding best converting headlines, description, CTA and the image. Putting it together, here is the anatomy of good Facebook ad creative that includes everything and clearly reflects the message.

chester hills ad

Indeed, video creatives have also become an engagement leader because they are so captivating that appeals to even the most dismissive buyers. Actually, any viewer who watches your video to the end simply means he is interested in your product or service and can turn into a potential buyer. One more fact is that people don’t like reading much anymore. They prefer content that’s visual and take only 13 milliseconds to process them. So, it’s more important than ever to put more thought into creatives.

Aligning All your Messaging

It really feels disappointing when you’re promised one thing and given another. Imagine you see an ad that says: “Improve your Google Ranking by 100%”. Doesn’t it sound like a nice offer? So, you click on the ad and are taken to the landing page that says, “SEO ranking for the website.”

What? Where did the promised 100% improvement in Google Ranking go? So, here the key takeaway is to use similar messages across ads and landing pages. Moreover, you should take care of things like: Only using the same colors as your other brand or elements. The best practice is to use some branded colors and combine it with some complementary hues. Whenever possible, use the same fonts in all your designs. Because by ignoring your brand’s font and using the different ones, is a way towards losing the consistency. Also, always use an authentic photo in your ad and resist taking shortcuts. Try to buy images from sites like Flickr and Depositphotos to buy high-quality images that haven’t been used before or anywhere else.

On Facebook, aligning audience targeting is more important. So, this means ads should be created and then targeted or shown to the audience that is as specific as possible.

Restructuring the Approach

You need to roll up your sleeves and dust off a copy of your customer journeys that, which have become the things of past. It’s going to take some legwork and ingenuity to create a few different Facebook campaigns with new awareness and way to generate better leads. Get inspiration from unique offers that offer unique value. Break out the small but compelling piece of your service or product that’s good to be true. Also, take care of the perfect combination of the three most important things: timing, lead nurturing and right sales offer.

Running Different Type of Ads

Leveraging different ad types to your advantage is the key to capture potential leads. With multiple ad type copies and targeting, conversion rates or leads differ substantially by changing ad types. Some of the most effective Facebook ads include video ads, lead generation ads, right rail ads, standard ads, collection ads and carousel ads. But, out of all, Carousel ads are killing it. They are incredibly awesome for a couple of reasons. They allow you to display 10 images or videos on a card in a single ad. Interactive ad format not only encourage prospects to interact with your ad.

Carousel ads are one that appears when scrolling through the newsfeed. It’s actually the first image with an arrow pointing to the right that you can click on to scroll through the ad. And the best part is, they’re super fast and give more chances to generate coveted leads for your business. Facebook Carousel ad is an effective tool for a diverse array of campaign types. It help showcase multiple products or services to multiple segments of your prospects pool.

Here’s a Facebook Carousel Ad example of my real estate client, Beverly Golf Avenue.

beverly corusel ad

Playing with the Facebook Pixels

Facebook Pixel is one of the most powerful re-targeting tools for advertisers. Specifically, Facebook Pixel help businesses with Facebook Page track and boost their ROI. Its powerful targeting capabilities make the whole process easier and faster. Like, when prospect visits your site for the first time, they might not be ready to buy what you’re selling. Rather, they’ll probably leave your page and do some more research to find a better offer somewhere else. But, at some point of time, they might visit their website again of their own accord. So, here lies a chance for an advertiser to serve such audience with dynamic ads and drive them to their landing page or website.

So, install the Facebook Pixel on your site or landing page to automatically start building your custom audience list retargeting the visitors who have previously visited your website. This way you can create a form and then convert them right on Facebook. This is an effective way to grab the low hanging fruit with a strategy called remarketing.


Advertising on Facebook is a daunting task as it’s a platform with a unique combination of variables, targeting options and features. Your Facebook ad campaigns are thereby required to be tested for multiple variations of the same ad. It may be tough to get all this stuff right. This post will provide you the arsenal to understand why your Facebook ads may not be working well. And this will be a roadmap to drive you towards advertising success.

Learn from your mistakes, take action on what you’ve learned and significantly and turn your lead into potential prospects and buyers.

Do you need some more guidance or have any tips to share? If so, then please share below!

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