8 Things to Know Before You Start Digital Marketing For Real Estate Client

digital marketing for real estate

Do you need information on how to start digital marketing for real estate client? If yes, then please keep on reading.

Nobody can deny the fact that whenever we want to get any information, we just search online. This is also true in the case of home searches. In fact, around 92% of buyers search online at some point in their home search. This shows that while real estate agents may act as a key in the home buying process, home buyers like to do more leg-work online before involving any expert. This has made digital marketing even more important for real estate industry. Therefore, more and more real estate agents are consulting digital marketing experts in Chandigarh to help them build a strong online presence. And if you’re one of the digital marketers who doesn’t know how to start the digital marketing for a real estate business, then this post is for you.

How to Start Digital Marketing for Real Estate Client?

Digital marketing for real estate is quite different to marketing cars or beauty products. So, take the time to address these things before you start digital marketing for real estate client. Moreover, you need to go deeper into the things to know the marketing challenges of your client. That’s what a good digital marketer does most of the time. That said, here are some crucial tips to help boost the business of your real estate client.

1. Equip Yourself with Adequate Knowledge

In Digital marketing for real estate, the first and foremost important thing is to keep yourself equipped with enough knowledge about the products of your client. From the landing area, unit sizes, price list, floor plans, details, specifications, facilities, finishing to knowledge about the track record of the real estate developer. Furthermore, you should know if the inventory of your client is under construction or ready for possession. Acquire all the necessary information like project category, i.e., commercial or residential and does it have all the required licenses and approvals by associated government authority. Another little known but important aspect is knowledge of banks financing your client’s inventory.

In short, you must know the project of your client from inside out with each and every single detail that is crucial in the eyes of a buyer. For every marketer, keeping the product knowledge beforehand is essential to effectively promote their client’s product in front of their prospective customer.

The knowledge of a product, be it a flat, showroom, condominium, or any other commercial or residential property is of the great essence before planning any marketing strategy.

2. Know The Buyer’s Psychology

Before you start digital marketing for real estate client, ensure you know the buyer psychology when they look for a home online.

Just make a clear image of your ideal prospect’s needs – demographic attributes, opinions, lifestyle, gender, age, income level, location and provide them with the information they want during the complete home buying process. To help you understand better, I’ve given a visual below. This visual shows the demographics- age, gender and the respective sessions of one of my prestigious clients, Green Lotus Avenue.


Demographics of Real estate

Although it’s a challenge to reach your potential customers, it’s somewhat possible if you can ask about their favorite websites, hobbies, ideas they hold on to. And what or who can influence their home purchase decision.

With buyer psychology, you can tailor website copy, blog posts and other content of your real estate client. Most importantly, when it comes to high monetary value products, buyers look for more personal buying experience. So the more you connect with them, the more you get to know about their home buying psychology.

3. Research on the Current Market Reputation

According to the NAR survey, market reputation or trustworthiness is one of the determining factors for choosing a realtor. And for home buyers, online search has become a go-to method to know more about realtors business. They would check out the reviews given by their past customers. If nothing comes up when they Google about your real estate client, they’ll assume that your client is not established in their business. Most of the times, they would like to look for any other real estate agent who is reputable and holds a better online presence.

If in any case, your client is dealing with the same issue, you need to check out some basic aspects. As if their website provides detailed information about properties for sale, virtual tours, video tours, photos, neighborhood information, interactive maps, updated social networking profiles, highlighted customer reviews, good online ratings, and referrals, etc. Check out this illustrative video tour of Housing Park, a residential project by the SBP Group in Derabassi.

You need to be exhaustive during your research. You’ve to find out every granular detail about the current market reputation of your real estate client. This will further help you to plan the right digital marketing technique to get your real estate clients’ business up and going.

4. Check Out the Marketing Outreach

Your client may be spending big bucks for expanding his marketing outreach. But without a better branding and online presence, you know what happens? I think you know what I mean. Your client is going to lose out in the battle of real estate supremacy. If you don’t want to face such issues, you need to do optimize everything with the help of some on-page and off-page digital marketing strategies. Besides this, consider a few important pointers given below:

  • Engaging buyers via social channels
  • Active in digitally promoting projects
  • Interacting regularly with potential buyers or existing clients
  • Keeping targeted customers well informed and educated

If your client has already kept all these things in place, then it’s fine. But if not, then you must do an in-depth research and put forward the correct strategies to help your client compete with realtors in their business. Expanding marketing outreach is essential to make your brand name heard in the big market. Your client will not survive for a longer time if he or she is doing nothing to beat their competitors. Ultimately, they’ll be lagging behind and losing their real estate business.

5. Find the Competitors

It’s critical to know about the competitors of your real estate client. And don’t ever say your client doesn’t have any competitor. Can you name a single successful business that doesn’t have competition? Competitive analysis is important for you if you want to look closely at your market and your competition. It is necessary to learn what others are doing and why. Competitive analysis should include your main competitors and their relative strengths and weaknesses. Also, without analyzing the competitor’s tactics, you won’t be able to win the confidence of your client’s targeted audience base.

Moreover, it is common for buyers to compare the projects. Therefore, make sure you know about each and every detail of your client competitors. For example, what they offer, how they are successful in closing their deals, and what kind of strategy they use, etc. Digital marketing for real estate demands a balanced approach which is necessary to attract potential buyers and establish their trust in your real estate client.


6. Check the USP of Real Estate Client & Associated Projects

The USP of any real estate client basically is what they serve in the market. It’s about how their version of unique selling proposition is different from others in their niche. You’ve to find something different because you’re representing your client in the front of prospective buyers. As the real estate market is insanely cluttered with a lot of real estate projects wanting to sell their inventory, how you will make your client stand apart? Of course, you’ve to come up with a USP that no one else in the market can claim.

This could be a unique experience or it could be a unique process followed by your client. Let’s take an example of our other real estate client, APS Group. This is ISO 9001-2001 certified real estate developer in Chandigarh Tricity with an exclusive track record of delivering 10 lakh square feet of innovative commercial workspaces such as Tricity Trade Tower for modern day people. With more than 11 years of experience, it has emerged as one of India’s leading real estate developer. Some other USP’s of this commercial project includes proximity to Chandigarh International Airport, exclusively reserved floor for women entrepreneurs, attractive list of amenities, strategic location (NH-64), assured returns on investment, etc. In simple words, it is hard to win without a USP. You need to work hard to find out such kind of USP’s.

7. Position the Client’s Product

As consumers today are informed enough to tune out the messages that don’t seem to reflect their real and unfulfilled needs or doesn’t have a clear value proposition. To put more simply, while doing promotion of a specific real estate product, you need to make sure that the product is positioned well with a clearly defined solution to exactly what your client’s prospect is looking for. Price positioning is one of the important cornerstones in real estate. This will help your client in competing with the products placed in the similar price bracket. So that it becomes easy for the people to clearly realize the unique and beneficial amenities offered by your real estate client. Thereby, I can say, positioning is a digital marketing approach important to your competitive sales advantage.

So, digital marketing for real estate demands a well-placed campaign so as to attract the potential number of buyers looking for the similar kind of product.

8. Use Marketing Collaterals & Creatives for Promotion

If you want to drive engagement levels for your client, you’ve to think outside the box and identify the ways how social media posts, website content, infographics, videos, etc can be more interesting. Likewise, you’ve to ensure your graphics or creatives explains something of value to your client’s audience.

  • Create in-depth and striking graphs, charts, graphics, or maps so as to add some visual elements to your blog and social media posts.
  • Craft a series of enthralling Vine and Instagram photos of videos to show the true colors of your clients brand. This move will surely pay off.
  • Regularly post some ideas and tips for homeowners and buyers on social media sites like Reddit.
  • Make an explainer video that goes into detail about your clients business.
  • Always update the contact information, website information, social media links and imagery to match your online presence.

Apart from the above tips for digital marketing for real estate,  marketing collateral like a business card, brochures, print ads, etc. must be prepared well in advance. Be it any source of promoting or marketing your real estate client, you must ensure that the each and every detail is updated from time to time.

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